Throat microphones have been on the market since the advent of the original aviator headsets used by military pilots. Since then, military and law enforcement organizations have taken advantage of the inherent benefits of the throat microphone technology. As technology has progressed, the affordability of these units has resulted in a direct increase in the demand for this type of product.

Throat microphones are designed to sit on the neck of the user, with the transponders located near the voice box for optimum performance and clarity. The transponders are in essence, specialized microphones that are designed to only detect and transmit the vibrations of the throat, which result from normal speech patterns. Depending on the quality of the radio that is being used, the transponder can also pick up whispered transmissions. The ambient noise is neutralized

With the growing demands of the consumer market, throat microphone use has also expanded into the “recreational vehicle” market, including motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV’s and powerboats. As most users can attest, wind and engine noise makes conversations on a moving vehicle almost impossible. The result is a demand for a usable headset that is durable enough to withstand the elements without sacrificing comfort and performance. The throat microphone fills this niche market by offering the benefit of voice communication without the transmission of any ambient noise. This benefit can also be appreciated in other extreme activities including Sky Diving, Paragliding, Hang Gliding, Motocross and Car Racing.

The throat microphone is also being used extensively for military and law enforcement applications where the ability to communicate is paramount. Headsets for these demanding applications are generally designed to be more durable in addition to having the sensitivity in the transponders specifically tuned for each different 2 way radio.

While there are many inexpensive alternatives on the market today, the original concept of the throat microphone remains largely unchanged. Creating an authentic unit that performs well, and will work off the direct vibrations created by the voice box, requires a great deal of research and development. Many manufacturers will encase a regular microphone inside a transponder creating the illusion of a throat-based microphone. The result is a headset that will not work effectively if the user is whispering and will have very limited success blocking ambient noise.

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