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The all new Black Ops 2 NT3 is the next generation throat microphone headset, designed for commercial or professional applications. IASUS has taken throat mic communication to the next level by incorporating completely new ergonomics with different field test application results and customer feedback to redefine the standard for throat mic communication.

Aside from the covert style acoustic coil, the Black Ops 2 incorporated black transponders with an adjustable flexible throat strap with breakaway magnetic clasp and also included the new Sniper PTT button as well as the original finger PTT.

To eliminate compatibility issues, we have added an interchangeable adaptor feature for flexible application compatibility. The Adapter is only used for 2 way radio applications, and not cellular phones or PC's.

Full Surface PTT
Ops Acoustic Coil
Military matt black
Flexi-throat strap
'Tiger' Clip
Finger PTT
Contour Earpiece
Cables and PTT

Ideal for use with: PC, Skype and Messenger, Game Consoles, Mobile Phones.