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The GP3 and GP3-X2 Motorcycle Communications Throat Mics are the latest versions of the popular GP series of motorcycle-specific headsets by IASUS. Both of these speedway-ready systems feature the IASUS Gen 3.0 Transponder and adjustable throat strap with breakaway magnetic clasp and high-strength braided cables. Also included are the high fidelity, ultra-slim IASUS XSound J (GP3) or XSound 2 Helmet Speakers (GP3-X2), which are optimized for use with full-face and some half-face helmets. To top it all off, we also include the IASUS Finger PTT, a ultra-small switch that fits inside your glove to allow you to operate your radio or mobile phone without having to remove your hands from the throttle.

The GP3 and Gp3-X2 Throat Mics are compatible with a variety of two-way radios and, new for 2011, mobile phones, including iPhone™, Nokia®, and BlackBerry®. For users who prefer an in-ear alternative to the XSound helmet speakers, a one-ear earpiece option is also available.

Helmet Speaker (GP3 )

Helmet Speaker (GP3X2 )

Throat Mic

Finger PTT

GP3/GP3X2 setup
( Throat Mic, Helmet Speaker, and Adaptor PTT )
GP3/GP3X2 setup
( Adaptor PTT, Finger PTT, and Model cable )