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The IASUS NT3 Throat Mic is the redesigned next-gen communications system for professional and recreational applications. The improved Gen 3.0 transponder enables direct communication in noisy or windy environments, making it perfect for daily handsfree communications, convertible cars, paintball, airsoft, motorsports, and extreme sports. The NT3 has been reengineered from the inside out. It includes an adjustable throat strap that contracts and expands to accommodate the wearer’s movements that is secured by an innovative breakaway magnetic clasp. In addition, the covert-style acoustic coil is discreet, nearly weightless, and comes with both the silicon and contour earpiece fitments.

To improve compatibility, an interchangeable adaptor feature enables the NT3 to be used with a variety of two-way radios, mobile phones, and other devices such as PCs and gaming consoles. For two-way radio models, a variety of PTT switches are available as options. Please note that the adaptor and PTTs are not necessary for mobile phone and PC compatible NT3 Headsets.

Adaptor PTT (VOX Capable)
G3 Transponder
Magnetic Break-away Clip

Ideal for use with: PC, Skype and Messenger, Game Consoles, Mobile Phones.