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Specializing in throat microphone technology, Iasus-Concepts is proud to present the next generation Noise Terminator Snipers Pro.

The new Sniper Pro is the first throat microphone to feature the new Gen2 microphone. The new “Gen2” transponder is the next evolutionary step in improving the clarity of throat microphones. Using a single transponder, the “Gen2” technology increases the performance capabilities of the input transmission, optimizing the clarity and speech qualities of each conversation.

The Sniper Pro comes with a rugged Neck Cover, in addition to a soft carry case. The headset can also be bundled with the new Iasus 4 watt radio, for the ultimate in performance, price and durability. On sale now for $120!

The Sniper Pro is only available in the following pin configurations:
1) Motorola Single and Dual Pin 2) Iasus Concepts Radio and Kenwood Dual Pin
3) Midland Dual Pin ( NOT compatible with GXT series)